This (partial) homework is due 11:59pm, Monday Dec 18. Please turn in all your work. Please direct question to Arindam Fadikar.

Problem 1: File listing in bash

Make a list of all files in your asc-git repo by file type. Provide a table with two columns, where the first column should have file type (i.e. extension) and the second column should have the name of the file of the corresponding file type, but without the extension. If there are multiple files of same file type, concatenate the file names by a , (comma). Then, make a list of all R libraries that were loaded by library or require function in your previous homework solutions. You should provide a bash script (e.g. with no arguments, which would print the file list table and R library lists to the terminal upon execution. You are free to use any one or combination of R, sed, awk to process regex.

Problem 2: Text data processing in R

Consider the Baltimore City Homicides data here. Each line in the homicides.txt file corresponds to a homicide incident and provides certain details about the event, such as geolocation of the event, type of event, date, name of the person involved, address etc.. Your task is to provide two visual summaries of the data:

I find this tutorial very helpful on how to plot map data using ggplot in R.